Nearly all Babyzouks baby carriers are custom made. This means that you will have to get a custom slot first before you can call a Babyzouks your own. There are two option to get one. The first is to get your name on the waiting list. The second to participate at one of the draws for a custom slot I do on my Facebook page. Normally I am finishing between 3 and 4 baby carriers per month so I am hoping your wait won’t be too long because I love to make a baby carrier for you.

To get yourself on my waiting list send me an email to with your real name in the subject line. Let me know about the wrap you want me to convert for you (you don’t have to stick to it, when it is your turn and you found something even better, no problem!). Tell me what type of carrier you want to have. You can tell me about your child, if you are not sure about what size to choose. And if you have a different screen name please tell me too. Just in case you also participate at the draws so I know whom I am talking to. :)

Another important thing is that you have your wrap ready. One question you might ask me is how much wrap I need to make a conversion for you. How much wrap I need to make a baby carrier for you depends on various things. One is the wrap itself. I.e. do some wraps have a very large pattern repeat and here I need at least three times the pattern. You see how difficult it is to tell how much wrap I need? Now you can measure yourself when you call one of those wraps yours. ;) If you are not sure about the length of the piece that is needed you can send me the entire wrap and I only cut what I need. You will get back what is left!

As an average, on most wraps I usually need around 2,00 - 2,40 metres. Wraps with normal geometric patterns (like dots, stars, hearts etc.) are a bit more economic. To make the backpanel and the headrest I mostly need about 1,60 - 1,80 metres. If your wrap is suitable for shoulderstraps I need about 40cm more. In these cases please contact me before you send me your wrap. If you don't have enough wrap for the complete backpanel of your Babyzouks carrier or your wrap is not suitable to be used for both layers of the backpanel (like handwovens) I can offer you Miel & Malice from Colimacon in a wide range of colours for the inner layer of your Babyzouks carrier. I am working with these machine woven wrap fabrics for years and I totally love them, especially in combination with handwoven wraps.

The fabrics I use together with your wrap to make a baby carrier for you are mostly of organic cotton. So are the denims and twills for the shoulder straps from the finest organic cotton you can find on the market. You know for yourself where they start to suck on first and this is one of the reasons why I pay extra attention in those little details and accordingly this directs my decisions on the materials I use. The same care I put on selecting buckles and webbing and all the other small things I need to make a baby carrier. I spent more than 6 months alone testing for the right buckles and webbing and got a great support from the people from National Molding in Germany. I could go on but I just wanted to give you an idea that with Babyzouks you'll get a safe and thoroughly thought through product for you to enjoy babywearing to its fullest. :)

When you read all this I assume that you are really interested in a Babyzouks baby carrier so I also want to tell you how much it will cost you to get your wrap converted by me. A conversion into a Babyzouks Onbuhimo costs 475 Euros. For a conversion into a Mei Tai (both half and full buckle) I charge 525 Euros. Prices include shipping within the EU. For shipping rates to other countries please contact me.

Normally I post pictures from your wrap, the working process and your finished Babyzouks on my Facebook page, my Facebook Group Babyzouks-Lovers and my Homepage and allow people to share the photos. Please let me know, when you don´t want this.