Onbuhimos became very popular recently and they really deserve this. They are so versatile. They are easy to use and great for quick ups and downs. They fold up small and are always ready for you to wear your child.

Babyzouks Onbuhimos come with buckle shoulder straps, a detachable sleeping hood and an adjustable seat. The shoulder straps are detachable too and this gives you the option to easily switch between the two sizes of backpanels.*

You can get the Babyzouks Onbuhimo in 2 sizes: Maxi Baby and Toddler. Maxi Baby is designed to fit children from approx. 62 up to 80/86 (european sizing). As an average you can wear your child from 6 month to 1 year in a Maxi Baby Babyzouks. Toddler is designed to fit children from approx. 80 up to 104/110 (european sizing). As an average you can start to wear your child from around the age of 1 year in a Toddler Babyzouks. How long you wear your child depends on how comfortable you and your child are. Some of my customers use their Babyzouks Onbuhimo with their preschoolers.

The sizing is a recommandation and can vary depending on your child's posture.

Your wrap converted into a Babyzouks Onbuhimo costs 475 Euros. The backpanel alone costs 315 Euros. A pair of shoulder straps 160 Euros. Prices include shipping within the EU. For shipping rates to other countries please contact me.

*Please note that you cannot interchange straps and backpanels of Onbuhimo and Mei Tai. Their design is too different like the buckles used, the width of the webbing and how they connect to the backpanel.